Wagyu JB Grab of The Topic (3) ~ Third grab

Have you missed the topic?

"Wagyu JB Grab" was launched by Ball Park.com. Since the sale, we have received orders as the state of thinness continues, and we have received a very high evaluation in proportion to it.
The skin of domestic Wagyu, represented by Miyazaki Black Hair Wagyu, is softer in skin than from the United States and contains considerable fat in the process of producing frosting. Therefore, it is said that it is difficult to make it to the leather for the glove as it is, and a major manufacturer manufactures the glove for baseball entirely by using imported leather.
However, by meeting tanna, which has the best leather tanning technology in Japan, the ballpark was able to overcome the difficulties and create the best domestic black-haired Wagyu leather.
In addition, the domestic black-haired Wagyu leather is processed by the hands of a super-first-class craftsman. We manufactured the finest pure domestic gloves. At the beginning of the launch, it became a hot topic mainly for university students and working people, and then spread all at once on the Internet. It is now used by professional baseball players in Japan and the United States.

Recently, the topic of Wagyu JB is boiling again. It seems that the influence by receiving the introduction on the YouTube baseball specialty channel "Tokusan TV" is large.
"Wagyu JB Grab" is in the midst of such a hot topic. We have a detailed description of each product.
This is the first time. Let me introduce you immediately!

Hard/for infielders/005 grab type [JB-005]

●Material: Miyazaki Wagyu Leather
♦Size 11.6 inches 29.5 cm*※ size is approximate.
♦Body color: Orange/ Power Orange/Black
♦Mouton Color- Black
●Label color
Leather Orange: Gold x Black
Front Leather Power Orange: Gold x Black
Front leather black: silver x gold
♦Core Toji- Double Yokotoji
♦Modus operandi race - reverse winding
For right throwing
With grab bag
Made in Japan

Catching ball

Thumb side

Little finger side

A type designed for third baseman. The deep pocket assumes correspondence to a strong ball. Because the fit and the operability are excellent by the light weight design of the hand center of gravity, it is possible to correspond quickly to the glove operation such as a reverse single catch. For players who use grabs vertically close.

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