Wagyu JB Grab of The Topic ~ Second Grab (1)

The professional is convinced, too! Wagyu JB Grab

If you're a baseball fan, you've probably seen it once. YouTube baseball channel "Tokusan TV" Recently, the toxan TV side visited the ballpark dot com headquarters.

In fact, when wagyu JB Grab was just on the market, Toxan TV demonstrated the "feeling" of Wagyu JB Grab earlier than anywhere else. We have received a high evaluation. (What is Wagyu JB)

And this time, we actually visited the store, and in addition to wagyu JB grab, we also introduced bamboo bats and training bats. Thank you very much.

So, i would like to reiterate the Wagyu JB Grab Series of Ball Park.com in detail for each grab. This is the first time. Let's introduce it immediately.

Hard/for infielder/004 grab type [JB-004]


●Material: Miyazaki Wagyu Leather
♦Size 10.8 inches 27.5 cm *Size is approximate.
♦Body color: Orange/ Power Orange/Black
♦Mouton Color- Black
●Label color
Leather Orange: Gold x Black
Front Leather Power Orange: Gold x Black
Front leather black: silver x gold

♦Core Toji- Double Horizontal Toji
♦Modus operandi race - reverse winding
For right throwing
With grab bag
Made in Japan

Catching ball

Thumb side

Little finger side

A type designed for second baseman. The pocket is designed shallowly. It is most suitable for quick grip change and cooperation play with a sense of speed.
The lightweight design of the small hand center of gravity is excellent in fit and excellent operability, so it is easy to grab toss. The type is a vertical and horizontal free type.

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