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Professional Wagyu JB Catcher Mitt-Part 2

There are two types of Japanese beef JB catcher mitt. Both are professional specifications! The catcher mitt introduced this time has a wide design that emphasizes catching. This model is highly recommended for those who attach importance to catching. If the JB-002 type introduced in "Part 1" is a vertical type, this is a "horizontal type". So let's get started. Click here to decorate the series last!

Wagyu JB Grab/JB-002F Catcher Mitt

*A model for athletes who prefer horizontal grabs.

Wagyu JB Mitt JB-002F

Material: Miyazaki wagyu leather
■Body color: Black/Power orange

Wagyu JB-002F BLK
Wagyu JB-002F POR

■Mouton color: Black
■Mark color
[Body color: black] Gold x red
[Body color: Power Orange] Gold x Black
■For right throw
■With glove bag
■Made in Japan *Hard type

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