Baseball's Commemorative to Celebrate Marriages-In the Fall of Piztali! Gerry Bats

The Ballon Monuments of the World

Since its foundation, has been focusing on the development of baseball commemorative items. It's worth it, and now I have a lot of people who are highly valued by many users.

The characteristics of the ball park's baseball memorials are "abundance of types". The size, color, use, and price are attached to each baseball player so that it can be found to be a baseball player.


(l) Baseball Monuments of Ball Park

They are now evolving into products that are delighted to be more memorable, reflecting your voice. The new '85cm Commemorative Calabat,' a new product to be introduced this time, was produced in a reflection of the sound of a more luxurious item.


I'm in the lementing, gorgeous curry bats!

"Calabats" are already in the lineup of the product, but the caravut that has been released this time has a more even more sensation than a very long gorgeous, 85-centimeter-sized bat size.

It is a luxurious curran bat that is not only a celebratory event but also a celebratory gift for a friend who likes baseball!


< Product Description >

★Color: Red Gold Silver Silver Black Blue Blue Pink Natural

★Length: 85cm average

★Dual weight: 1000g ±

★wood: butts and butts

*Bat - put platei

* 1 Honiri-bats bag

★The amount of incarnable characters: Up to 70 characters of the word can be engraved.

★Cetticon: Black, Red, Gold, Silver, White

*If the body color is natural, the character color is 'Koge-cha' (tea with a brown).

Please refer to the details of this product from Kochira!

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