A training bat that is essential for improving baseball! ~Thick Bat Series~

You can learn bat control! What kind of bat is a very thick bat?

Since the name is "thick", you might imagine a bat that is extremely thick, but the actual thick bat looks like this.

*80cm/830g type

Training Bat Thick Bat Ballpark.com

*82cm/930g type

Training Bat Thick Bat Ballpark.com

*84cm/980g type

Training Bat Thick Bat Ballpark.com

The difference from the normal bat is"Grip grip thickness"is! The thickness of the normal butt grip grip is 24 mm. The "thick bat" grip is designed to be 28mm.

Training Bat Extra Grip Ballpark.com

Only 4mm, but 4mm. This difference in thickness of only 4 mm makes a big difference in the feeling of gripping.  

① Bat control

Since the grip is thick, you will naturally hold the bat firmly with your palm and fingertips. As a result, it becomes easier to control the bat. It is suitable for batters who have weak points in bat control and batters who start training by returning to the basics by breaking the form.

② Feeling of "push hand" at impact

At the moment of impact, the contact area between the bat and the grip increases as the area increases. At this moment, you can feel the recoil transmitted to the pusher in the entire palm, so it is suitable for training to grasp the feeling of "pusher".

③ Wrist turn

Since the grip is thick, the movement of the wrist is suppressed, so it is not possible to easily return the wrist with just the small hands of the wrist or fingertips. Therefore, for batters who have a tendency to hit "kneading" or batters whose head comes out with an extremely delayed time, by repeatedly performing batting training with a very thick bat, the so-called [wrist turn training] ] Is effective.

Deep [World of Bat]

Even if you say it as a bat, there is also a game bat, there is a training bat such as the "thick bat" introduced this time, the "long bat" to be introduced next time, and one of the official wooden bats for maple tree Some are made from sardines, Aodamo, white ash, etc., and there are also plywood (such as bamboo). What's more, the shape and thickness of the grip, the length and weight of the bat, and the feeling will change if they change a little.

[The world of bats is deep! ] Therefore, I would like to convey as much bat information as possible, little by little!

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