Wagyu Oil

Wagyu Oil

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[What is Wagyu Oil] 

Contains "beef tallow". Oil that has a synergistic effect of tack and leather. It can relieve the wearing of the capture surface due to the wearing surface, reducing leather and deterioration.

Contents: 40ml
Number: 1


[How to use]

① Use a brush or towel to remove dirt such as sand and soil on the grab surface.
(2) Spray PROTEIOS on the grab surface or backing, etc., and penetrates the nutrition throughout the glove.
③ Dry the grab in a well -ventilated shade.

④ When the grab is dry, take a small amount of Wagyu Oil in a place where you want to take care of the drying and dryness, and the catching surface, etc.


 [Synergistic effect with PROTEIOS]

We recommend that you use Wageu Oil with separately sold Proteios. By using Proteios to replenish the nutrients required for the grab and keeping the leather in a healthy state, Wagyu Oil is easier to penetrate. By using PROTEIOS and WAGYU OIL in a well -balanced manner, you can reduce the pastral and exhaustion of leather due to aging.

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[For those who want to know more about PROTEIOS]

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顕太 前川

WAGYU OIL/和牛オイル/固形オイル

和馬 永松

WAGYU OIL/和牛オイル/固形オイル